Robes By Parke Avenue
Robes By Parke Avenue

Robes By Parke Avenue

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This is a previous prototype. The new robe release is TBD. Stay tuned.

Robes By Parke Avenue

I always said that if I was going to release a clothing product it had to be done right. Creating your own product can be challenging, especially when you want to produce a quality product at an affordable price. I been working really hard to get these robes produced for you all.

How It All Started

Where do I start?

I didn't know where to begin. I searched for manufacturers, clothing designers, clothing companies, etc. My fiance and I met with designers, visited fabric stores, and called every contact we knew. We found out real fast that this what not going to be easy or cheap. In this industry you either have to know how to make clothes yourself or have tons of money to invest in your idea.

The Design

After connecting with one of our old high school friends, yes, we've been together since high school, we found out that he was a designer and was making his own clothes. We contracted him to work on my designs and here's what he came up with.


Because our designer was living in California and we were in Atlanta, it was very difficult to communicate efficiently. We would have to be on Facetime while choosing fabrics and mailing packages before moving forward on some decisions. After deciding on this beautiful blue fabric, it was time to start prototyping.

Prototype 1


We received the first prototype, made our 1st round of adjustments and then COVID hit. Everything came to a screeching halt. Months later, we began buying a house and the robes fell to the bottom of the priority list. The prototype has just been sitting on a rack in my studio. 


So where are we now? It's 2021, we're in a new house, new studio, and new energy. It's time to get back to the robes that you all have been waiting for.

But instead of picking up where we left off, we are starting from scratch. This time around I want your input. Please take a 2nd to fill out this form so I can know what you all would love to see in these robes.